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Pamela Ernstberger

Pamela Ernstberger

I'm an educator and instructional designer, blended learning, for vocational aquaculture. My focus is on youth engagement-to widen access to more regions and schools we need to further develop the resources and delivery system, exploiting all that technology can provide, providing more effective youth engagement strategies. These need to be developed and implemented in seafood producing countries with the support of key aquaculture and education stakeholders so that programmes can be developed and subsequently maintained to better meet the demands of this fast growing industry.

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31 August 2017

Education in Aquaculture Can Improve the Seafood Industry Globally

Written by Pamela Ernstberger, Preview Fish Net Blog

Education in Aquaculture Can Improve the Seafood Industry Globally

For the aquaculture industry to be successful, you need a community represented by professionals in the field, workers on the factory floor, students and learners, government officials, investors, etc. to work together on common goals, providing a sustainable product through a best practice approach, that will meet the consumer demand.
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