Guillaume Drillet

Guillaume Drillet

Dr Guillaume Drillet has 15 years of experience working within marine sciences in the public and private sectors. Dr Drillet holds a Master degree on coastal resources’ management from France and a PhD from Denmark. Dr Drillet has work experiences in Denmark, France, Scotland, Singapore, Taiwan, Slovakia and in the USA and he received a Young Elite Scientist Award from the Danish Ministry of Independent research in 2011.

Since 7 years, Dr Drillet has been working at DHI Water and Environments dealing with the development of laboratory and consultancy services (Labs, feed testing, ecological impact assessments, water quality modelling, live feed). Recently Dr Drillet was elected President Elect of the World Aquaculture Society for the Asia Pacific Chapter (2016-2019). In addition to this work, he is also an adjunct lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore) and occasionally supports the International Maritime Organization in regional technical training programs on invasive species. He was re-elected Chair of the GloBal TestNet, an International Organization testing water treatment systems for the shipping industry.

Lately, Dr Drillet and his collaborators are working on the concept of same risk area for carrying out risk assessments of invasive species. It is expected that the results from such studies could be partially transposed to the development of risk management tools for aquaculture. 

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24 April 2017

New WAS President Guillaume Drillet: " is about engaging people and supporting the transfer of information.."

Written by Guillaume Drillet, Fish Net Blog

New WAS President Guillaume Drillet:

I have to admit that I am very happy to be able to serve WAS and the APA chapter in particular; Asia has been my home for 7 years now, my Mom herself is born in Phnom Penh; it is a family circle back to ground zero!

I have always been very active in taking responsibilities in societies and association in general. In the recent years, I have taken two big challenges, the WAS-APC and the GloBal TestNet and this keeps me very enthusiastic and busy. I love structuring, organizing and helping people to get something extra. I believe this is what WAS is about.
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