Neil Sims

Neil Sims

Neil is co-Founder and co-CEO of Kampachi Farms, LLC, based in Kona, Hawaii, and in La Paz, Mexico. Over the past two decades, Sims has led teams that have accomplished breakthroughs in pearl oyster culture, marine fish hatchery technology and open ocean mariculture systems, and offshore aquaculture legislation and regulation. Sims’ Kona research team pioneered the Velella project, demonstrating two new concepts in U.S. Federal waters: untethered, open ocean ‘drifter pens’; and “over-the-horizon aquaculture”™ with an unmanned net-pen operation in 6,000 ft of water, 6 Nm offshore.

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14 March 2017

"We farm this fish because we must – we feel compelled to do so..."

Written by Neil Sims, Fish Net Blog

I grew up on the East Coast of Australia, about one and a half stone-throws from the beach. I was always fascinated by biology – I had an ant farm and a butterfly collection - and I had uncles that owned farms out West, raising cattle, sheep, wheat and sunflowers. I loved the water – surfing and swimming and fishing in the ocean - and marine biology was a natural calling.
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