Nancy O'Mallon

Nancy O'Mallon

Having grown up on a Pennsylvania farm in the 1970’s, it was easy for Nancy O’Mallon to return to the world of agriculture via documentary films. She wrote produced and directed two documentaries, The Mighty Humble Blueberry and New Jersey's Red October. They won awards nationally, internationally, aired on local PBS Stations and are now in distribution.

Determined to continue to educate people about food and agriculture, O’Mallon formed the media company, About Harvest, LLC and it’s website, in 2009. Today, hosts hundreds of original and shared stories about food and agriculture.

In 2010 O’Mallon formed and piloted the Food Science and Technology (FST) Group at The Global Leaders. Her idea was to build conversations between scientists and the business, philanthropic, and educational communities in the "global virtual room" made available by TGL with a purpose of advancing new projects. To accomplish this goal she sought the cooperation and collaboration of the USDA. Her efforts and communications with the USDA in seeking but not receiving their participation provided the inspiration and motivation to launch Earth Twine in January 2013.

Earth Twine is the leading global traceability community initiated by a diverse team of technologists, seafood procurement and data specialists and forward-thinking, inventive companies that aspire to improve upon and advance our food system through progressive technologies.

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12 April 2017

The facilities at the National Aquaculture Group were phenomenal. World class.

Written by Nancy O'Mallon, Fish Net Blog

The facilities at the National Aquaculture Group were phenomenal. World class.

I was invited to go there to facilitate at a workshop that was being organized by the Saudi Arabian Aquaculture Society. It was held at the The National Aquaculture Group headquarters, which is situated about 200 kilometers south of Jeddah alongside the Red Sea. Aquaculture and seafood consumption have become important issues for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because the King of Saudi Arabia has created a 2030 vision where He sees the Kingdom producing 630,000 tons of aquaculture products by 2030. So the idea of running the workshop was to engage and get some ideas about how this could all happen. Obviously increasing seafood consumption in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a key to building the industry.

17 January 2017

Roy Palmer on Mexico, Rotterdam, AISP and Soccer

Written by Nancy O'Mallon, Fish Net Blog Nancy O'Mallon

Roy Palmer on Mexico, Rotterdam, AISP and Soccer

What do you do?

I’m heavily involved in the seafood industry and have been since 1972. I do a number of different aspects; I’ve got my own family company involved in training and consultancy. But for the last few years my main emphasis has been on establishing the Association ofInternational Seafood Professionals, which is a global seafood association community. And Aquaculture without Frontiers, which is a charity, based in the USA, Australia and now Latin America.
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